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Control Your Cover

Insure 1 – 4 of your favourite items with £1,000 - £4,000 of cover depending on the number of items you choose. Spread the value of your cover how you want across your items up to the total amount and change them whenever you like.

  • £9.99

    Stuff x1

  • £12.99

    Stuff x2

  • £15.99

    Stuff x3

  • £18.99

    Stuff x4

Get Insured

What you can cover

  • What's your Stuff?

    As long as it’s not a person, a motor vehicle, a pet, a building or a drone and fits into one of our categories – you can cover it.

  • Add extra cover

    For each item you add your cover limit increases by £1,000.

  • Our cover and excess

    Loss, theft, accidental, water & malicious damage covered worldwide as standard. No age limit on items. Flat excess of £50 for each item.

How claims work

We'll help you sort out your problem pronto. To make a claim on your Fully Flex cover, just call us - anytime, day or night.

  • 24/7
    UK Claims Line

    To make a claim on your Fully Flex cover, just call our award-winning claims service anytime, day or night.

  • Just
    £50 Excess

    To keep things as simple as possible, we’ve set one flat, excess of £50, no matter what the claim or item.

Want to insure more?

Bolt Ons

Personalise your cover with the monthly Bolt Ons.
See full details of what's covered and not covered here.

  • £3


    What's covered?

    We’ve got your back in the event of: landlord disputes or other contract problems; employment disputes; personal injury and clinical negligence. For a summary of cover read the Key facts


    We offer a 24-hour Legal Advice Service, as well as helplines for identity theft and tax advice. We also offer a counselling service and health and medical information. Find full policy details here.

  • £8


    What’s covered?

    Cover any car, van or motorbike anywhere in the UK, whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Make up to six breakdown call outs per year. Your first call out can be used 24 hours after adding your Bolt On. For a summary of cover read the Key facts

    What can you call out for?

    Need rescuing from the road? No problem with our roadside repair service. If this isn’t possible, we offer a recovery service: we’ll get your vehicle back home or, if it’s closer and you prefer, to your original UK destination. We’ll even swing by your gaff to get you moving if your vehicle won’t start at home. Find full policy details here.

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How it works

Core Cover

For just £15 a month, with no annual contract, Back Me Up gives you Core Cover. It insures your stuff, your phone screen, your keys and your travel/holidays. You pay £50 (what we call an 'excess') towards any claim you make – except with Screen cover, where you pay only £30.

Below is just a quick overview of our Core cover. See full details of what's covered and not covered here.

*Available to 17-49 years old. 


Stuff x3

Back Me Up covers three belongings you really value.
You can claim a maximum of £3,000 per month.

  • Choose Three

    Pick three belongings that matter to you and fall within one of our listed categories e.g. your laptop, bicycle and smart watch – whatever. You decide.

  • Shoot Them

    Photograph your three things and upload the images via the website.


  • Swap Them

    Swap your three treasured things with other items you want insured, as often as you like.

  • Chill

    Enjoy yourself, knowing that your precious things are covered by Back Me Up.



If your smartphone screen breaks, our Screen cover pays for it
to be fixed or replaced - pronto.

  • Choice

    There are a number of options we can offer you:

    • We can have our courier service collect your phone and deliver it repaired back to you.
    • Or we can give you cash and let you arrange a repair through a supplier of your own choice
    • Our Claims Team will be there to help.


  • Handy

    • Get in touch on the number shown via the 'Claims' button on our website.
    • The team at Back Me Up will take you through the process and agree the right solution for you.
    • We'll make sure your phone is back to its usual self as soon as possible.
    • Butter-fingered? You can have one screen repair in any 12 month period or more than one if your phone is one of your Stuffx3.


Take off abroad with fewer worries. Our Core cover insures you for lost belongings, cancellations and medical emergencies wherever you travel in the world. Check out the Cover Plan for all cover limits.

  • Belongings

    Lose something, or it's stolen, when you've taken it abroad? It's covered.

  • Cancellations

    What if you have to cancel your trip or it’s delayed or missed? We can help.


  • Money/Passport

    Money or passport lost or stolen? We can help.

  • Medical

    If you have a medical emergency abroad, we'll cover your expenses. This excludes claims relating to medical conditions you had when you joined us or at the time you booked your trip.



What if you lost your keys and got locked out of your home or car? Our Keys cover would help you, insuring you for up to £1,500 per month.

  • Help

    If your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, or you're locked out, just call us 24/7.

  • Replacements

    We'll pay for new keys to be made for you.


  • Repairs

    If your locks need to be replaced or repaired, we'll pay for a locksmith. We can send one we've approved, or you can choose your own and we'll reimburse you.

  • Car

    If you lose your car keys more than 20 miles from your home, we’ll pay for up to three days’ car hire up to £75 a day.

Want to insure more?

Bolt Ons

Insure things not included in our Core cover. Personalise your Back Me Up subscription with our
monthly Bolt Ons.

See full details of what's covered and not covered here.

*Available to 17-49 years old. 

  • £3

    Stuff +1

    Want to insure more things than your stuff x3? Add one more treasured item to get £1,000 extra cover per month. 

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  • £3


    Dispute with your landlord? Our legal experts will help you. Call them for advice. And, if there's a good chance of success, get legal indemnity cover of up to £50K.

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  • £8


    Cover your car, van or motorbike for breakdown anywhere in the UK whether you're a driver or passenger. Note that there's no cover in the first 24 hours.

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  • £10


    Going on an adventure? Get insured for activities ranging from abseiling to white water rafting. There's cover for injuries and sports equipment.

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When things go wrong

When there's a mishap with something covered by your Back Me Up subscription, don't worry. Just call our award-winning claims service.


Here for you 24/7

We'll help you sort out your problem pronto.
To make a claim on your Back Me Up cover,
just call us - anytime, day or night.

Get Rewarded

You can earn cash, free cover and more by recommending us to your mates and helping our Community members.


Earn with us

Earn points when you:

  • refer a friend or family member to Back Me Up
  • support our Community blogs and forums
  • suggest ways to improve our service.

Three times a year you can redeem your points for rewards including cashback and money off your Back Me Up subscription.

Learn More* Watch Video
*Full terms and conditions of our Back to You rewards programme can be found here.

Why Back Me Up?

  • join-logo

    Insures Important Stuff

    Enjoy yourself, travel the world, knowing the things that matter to you are insured.

  • icon-dead


    Sign up instantly, upload photos of your stuff and boom, they're covered.

  • icon-personal2

    & Flexible

    Customise your cover to suit your style. Change the things you insure whenever you like.

  • icon-holding

    No Holding
    You Back

    Free yourself, managing your insurance through our website. Pay monthly, with no annual contracts.

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