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Mobile Phone Insurance, for just £9.99 a month

from Back Me Up.

The Mobile Phone - your whole world packed into one tiny gadget. Google Pixel, iPhone, LG or even the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 - everyone has a favourite. We at Back Me Up love them all!

So we promise to help you if you lose yours, or wind up spilling some coffee on it during your tea break, or smashing that screen on a night out. And if we can’t repair it, we will give you a replacement or sometimes even the dosh to get one!

Get mobile insurance

Insure your Smartphone with Back Me Up

Sign up today in less than 5 minutes: Theft, loss, accidental, spills and screen damage are all covered. We even offer insurance for the latest phones like the iPhone 7 (Product) Red edition and the Samsung Galaxy S8. T&Cs apply.


Fully Flex

Insure 1 – 4 of your favourite items with £1,000 - £4,000 of cover depending on the number of items you choose. Spread the value of your cover how you want across your items up to the total amount and change them whenever you like.

Find out How It Works

Get mobile insurance

Insured in just 3 simple steps.

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Back Me Up is a trading name of Ageas Insurance Limited, part of an international insurance group with a heritage spanning more than 190 years. In the UK, Ageas provides over seven million customers with award-winning services.